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What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

Numerous companies might not see the need for an I-O psychologist as they look to leadership and/or HR departments to identify and solve workplace issues. However, most managers or HR representatives do not have the knowledge of psychology to fix workplace problems. Every workplace has common issues and unique problems that need addressing. An I-O psychologist is educated and trained to assess individuals or groups to identify problems. Then, they use scientific research methods to implement solutions designed to improve the well-being of the workplace.

The advantages to hiring an outside I-O psychologist as a consultant are considerable. First, they can enter the workplace environment with an unbiased opinion of the workers while leaving office politics out of the solutions. This inadvertently takes unnecessary pressure off leaders who feel guilty in making changes that might affect or offend employees. Second, human capital is any companies most significant investment. When workplace strife leads to low morale and reduced productivity - high turnover rates increase, and the company calculates losses. I-O psychology consultants can quickly strategize to get a business back on track.

With the record level of competitiveness within the corporate world, companies cannot allow unnecessary distractions to steer a business vision off course. Therefore, I-O psychologists are leading the way to help implement evidence-based solutions for workplace problems.

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